Variable-speed spectrogram analysis


In Manatee software, vibration and acoustic noise of electrical systems induced by e-machine electromagnetic excitations can be efficiently analyzed using spectrogram visualization. Spectrograms allow to visualize how a spectrum (flux, force, vibration or noise) varies along a series of operating points (different speeds or time stamps). Contrary to Magnetic Frequency Signature Analysis tool, spectrograms contain a magnitude information on spectral lines.
The level of each harmonic can be analyzed using Order Tracking analysis. Spectrograms come with different options to ease interpretations such as Load Case filtering, display of natural frequencies or orders.


Spectrograms and automated Order Tracking analysis are key visualization tools available at the end of every e-NVH simulation under Manatee. It can be applied to several multiphysic model outputs (flux, force, vibration, noise). Electrical, mechanical and acoustic engineers can use spectrograms to quickly identify the root cause of resonances in terms of electromagnetic excitation frequency and wavenumber.