User-friendly Graphical User Interface


Manatee software comes with a user-friendly interface designed for all engineers to simplify the assessment of e-NVH performances at each design stage of an electrical system. The main icon banner reflects a typical use of Manatee:

  1. definition of the electrical machine involved in the electrical system
  2. definition of the simulation workflow, which automatically combines different electrical, magnetic, structural and acoustic calculations
  3. run of the simulation
  4. analysis of simulation results, in particular root cause analysis of noise and vibration issues
  5. solving of noise and vibration results, which may include parameter sweep and combined electromagnetic and e-NVH optimization
  6. export of results


All engineers involved in the development of electrical systems can use Manatee Graphical User Interface, namely:

  • electrical engineers
  • control engineers
  • electromagnetic engineers
  • mechanical engineers
  • acoustic / NVH engineers
  • test engineers