Sound pressure level computation


Manatee e-NVH software provides the Sound Power Level (SWL) and the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) radiated by your electrical machine as a default post-processing. Sound Pressure Level is the acoustic quantity locally measured by a microphone at a certain position in a certain acoustic environment. In Manatee Sound Pressure Level computation varies according to:
  • the distance between the microphone and the center of the source
  • the acoustic environment around the source (equivalent absorption area)
  • the directivity coefficient



The sound power level is an intrinsic characterization of the noise radiated by the machine. It should preferably be used for simulation Vs. measurement
comparison. However, sound power level is not easy to measure and most of the time, the noise radiated by a machine is only measured in terms of sound pressure level using a microphone. Sound pressure level obtained with Manatee can be used by acoustic engineers and NVH test engineers to compare simulation results with measurements.