Why using Manatee software?

-40 dB

after application of noise control techniques

<1 mn

for a complete variable speed e-NVH simulation

+20 yrs

cumulated R&D on magnetic noise & vibrations


application cases with EOMYS consulting work

The only integrated e-NVH virtual prototyping environment, reducing development time and costs of electrified systems

GUI of Manatee NVH simulation of electrical machines

Manatee stands for Magnetic Acoustic Noise Analysis Toolchain for Every Engineer. Manatee is a collaborative CAE platform designed for electrical, mechanical, acoustic and NVH test engineers.

Backed with >8 years of consulting experience in solving noise and vibration issues in electrical systems, EOMYS Engineering has developed Manatee to speed up the development of low-noise electrical systems and reduce the number of prototypes produced and tested during design and validation phases. 

The first version of this software, named Manatee V1, has been mainly used by EOMYS R&D Engineers to support their analysis of more than 200 electric machines covering all topologies and applications, from 10 RPM to 100 kRPM speed and from 10 mm to 10 m diameter.

Manatee proprietary algorithms developed during 20 yrs of cumulated R&D are up to 1000 faster compared to general purpose FEA, and gave up to 40 dB reduction on a wide range of applications including transportation, energy, industry, medical and home appliances.


Manatee vision is to become the entry point for all engineers involved in the design & validation of electrical systems with NVH requirements. It can be smoothly integrated into existing FEA software to more efficiently assess vibro-acoustic risks all along the development lifecycle. Manatee can also be used as a standalone multiphysic software.

Manatee software leasing solutions come with e-NVH training and e-NVH support provided by EOMYS e-NVH Engineers with a unique industrial experience.


Set-up multiphysics simulation with a button click using predefined workflows adapted to each engineering profile.

Define, run your simulation and visualize your calculation results in the same environment within minutes.


Use state-of-the-art calculations methods throughout the development lifecycle, from 2D electric machine basic design to 3D system-level detailed design.

Include the effect of manufacturing tolerances to carry robust e-NVH ranking of electrical machines.


Understand the root cause of magnetic noise and vibration with advanced visualization tools inspired from EOMYS consulting experience.

Run “what if” scenarios using powerful parameter sweeps and optimization tools, easily compare simulation results and explore the whole design space.


Explore the most relevant noise mitigation techniques combining control, electromagnetic, structural design modifications.

Work in parallel with other engineering departments through a user-friendly Graphical User Interface.