Parameter sweep definition


Manatee software allows to run parameter sweeps on electrical machine multiphysic simulation inputs. Design variables that can be varied include all geometrical parameters from magnetic circuit templates (e.g. slot shapes, magnet pocket shapes, notch shape, skew rate), but also winding design parameters (coil pitch), control parameters (e.g. current angle for fixed speed PMSM), fault parameters (e.g. eccentricity level) or magnet temperature.

Standard response variables are included in parameter sweeps (e.g. torque, maximum noise level along torque/speed curve) but advanced output variables can also be user-defined (e.g. level of a specific harmonic in flux/vibration/noise quantities, xyz vibration on a given node, etc.).

Manatee automatically identifies the calculations which are affected by design variable changes, so that Magnetic Look Up Tables and modal basis calculations are only updated when relevant.


Before running a detailed optimization study, electrical engineers can identify the most influential design parameters on acoustic noise and vibration levels due to magnetic forces. Mechanical engineers can also run a sentivitity studies on static and dynamic eccentricity levels to better specify the manufacturing tolerances.

User-defined outputs allow NVH engineers to set-up customized NVH requirements (e.g. Maxwell pressure levels in N/m^2, force levels in N, vibration levels at some particular points in dB etc).