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Manatee free trial license

The purpose of the free trial license is to give you an idea of Manatee software unique user experience, without any feature limitations: its brand new Graphical User Interface allows to smoothly set-up, run and post process simulation data within the same environment, giving a x1000 acceleration factor compared to general purpose FEA software without loss of accuracy.

Due to this calculation speed which is unique on the market, it was not possible to offer free access to multiphysic simulations on a user-defined electrical machine, even during a very limited period of time. However, the free trial license allows you to draw your own machine under Manatee GUI, especially by testing the DXF import feature.

The free trial version can be run starting from a library of electrical machines covering several applications:

  • induction machines (Tesla & Audi automotive traction motors)
  • Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (pump & turbocharger applications)
  • Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (Prius & BMW automotive traction motors)
  • external rotor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (Denso fan motor)


Besides, you’ll be able to vary most of the design variables of these machines to study several noise reduction techniques, including:

  • changing the skew pattern
  • changing the slot shape
  • increasing/reducing machine external diameter
  • changing the winding pattern


Free trial licenses do not allow to check the vibro-acoustic behaviour of your own electric machine. For a demonstration of Manatee applied to a specific noise issue you would like to solve, please contact us to discuss a Manatee consulting demo project. For a one-time, short term commercial use of Manatee software to simulate and reduce the magnetic noise level of your application, please check our e-NVH mitigation flash plan service.


Additional materials for trial users

To get smoothly started with your trial license, the following materials are provided:


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