Predefined multiphysic simulation workflows


Manatee software predefined multiphysic simulation workflows allows to automatically combine the modelling levels which are the most adapted to the V-model development cycle stage of a given electrical system, from electrical machine basic design phase to system-level detailed design phase. Simulation workflows can be filtered using the workflow viewer of Manatee based on available inputs, user profiles or desired computing time Vs accuracy trade-off.

Each workflow can be run either for:

  • single-speed simulation (e.g. network fed electrical machines, or to make checks at a single operating point before running variable speed simulations)
  • variable-speed simulation (for instance to study noise and vibrations along the envelopped torque-speed curve)
  • torque-speed plane simulation (for instance to study if resonances appear at given load level).

These simulation workflows have been designed based on the experience of EOMYS consulting team on more than 150 projects.


Manatee e-NVH simulations can be launched in a few clicks by any engineer, compared to several hours of set-up in a general-purpose multiphysic FEA software. The different workflows are adapted to electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, acoustic engineers and NVH test engineers. These simulation workflows can be run sequentially or in parallel, allowing to speed-up the development cycle of electrical systems.