Parameter sweep postprocessings


Manatee e-NVH software allows to easily run parameter sweeps on electrical machine multiphysic simulation inputs. Design variables that can be varied include all geometrical parameters from magnetic circuit templates (e.g. slot shapes, magnet pocket shapes, skew rate), but also winding design (coil pitch) or simulation parameters such as eccentricity levels.

Default response variables are included in parameter sweeps (e.g. torque, maximum noise level along torque/speed curve) but advanced variables can also be defined (e.g. level of a specific harmonic in flux/vibration/noise quantities).

At the end of the simulation, these response variables can be previewed as a function of speed for all design and maximum/minimum/mean value (on speed) for each design.


Parameter sweeps can be used by electrical engineers to study the magnetic circuit dimensions which are the most influent on magnetic noise and vibration in early design phase, or to find the best skewing angle in detailed design phase. It can also be used by mechanical engineers to vary find the relation between manufacturing tolerances and noise or vibration levels.


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