Order tracking analysis


Manatee e-NVH software provides a wide range of post-processing at the end of the simulation to analyse the electromagnetic & vibro-acoustic behaviour of your electrical machine. The Order Tracking analysis enables to visualize the contribution of each excitation frequency to vibration and noise levels of the electric machine.

Order Tracking Analysis is available for different quantities such as the Sound Power Level, the Sound Pressure Level or the vibration displacement, velocity, and acceleration. In case several sets have been defined in the imported 3D FEA mechanical model, they can be selected to focus on a particular sensor or panel contribution to sound power.

Besides, order levels can be visualized as a function of frequency or speed. Frequency axis allows to capture which orders are resonating with the same structural mode. Natural frequencies and structural modes can be displayed in the same graph to identify the implication of a given mode to a resonance peak.