Magnetic Look Up Tables


Manatee software accelerates the calculation of magnetic loads using the concept of Magnetic Look Up Tables (MLUT) as a function of speed (e.g. along max torque/speed curve) or function of current supply (e.g. Id/Iq in whole torque/speed plane for a traction synchronous motor).

A limited number of operating points are calculated and operational magnetic loads are either interpolated or extrapolated depending on the control law of the electrical machines. As an example, in open-circuit operation of PMSM, Load Extrapolation Algorithm is used. On the contrary, along the constant load angle starting phase of a traction PMSM motor, Load Interpolation Algorithm is used.

MLUT calculation is compatible with skewing, flux density import feature, and can be accelerated using parallelization. Operating points can be automatically defined or manually defined.


Operational loads can be quickly calculated by electrical engineers along max torque / speed curve or in the full torque / speed plane using MLUT. This MLUT can be imported by mechanical engineers and acoustic engineers to complete e-NVH calculations on their own.