Magnet shape DXF import


In Manatee software, the magnetic circuit of electrical machines can be quickly drawn either with predefined templates or with  user-defined magnet shape DXF import. This is particularly useful to include geometrical details (air pockets due to rivets, bolts, or cooling ducts) that influence magnetic field distribution.

Once the .dxf file has been imported in the machine library, you can apply a scaling factor and define your holes & magnets with a few clicks by selecting lines and points, especially the magnetization direction.


The design of rotor lamination has several objectives such as minimizing hoop stress, maximizing cooling efficiency, maximizing torque, minimizing electromagnetic noise etc. This leads often to complex geometries for interior magnet pockets and bridges, which have to be taken into account into e-NVH simulations according EOMYS consulting experience.

In Manatee software, any engineer can setup a machine geometry with a few clicks using DXF file import and predefined templates. In the video below, it is shown how to simply define holes and magnets using the DXF file import feature with an example based on the BMW-i3 machine. This feature is essential to study real lamination geometries coming from industrial CAD models.