How to get the airgap flux distribution from Ansys Maxwell?

The airgap flux distribution (radial & tangential components in the middle of the airgap as a function of time and space) can be imported from third party electromagnetic software to Manatee software in order to carry electromagnetic noise and vibration analysis. In this article is detailed how to get the airgap flux from Maxwell electromagnetic simulation from Ansys.

  • Create a formula to calculate the airgap flux density in cylindrical coordinate. Load the following formulas .clc file using field overlay -> field calculator -> “load from”
  • Create a ‘Polyline’ in the middle of the air gap beginning by x = Rag, y = 0, in trigonometric direction (Rag= airgap radius)
  • Run your electromagnetic simulation (optional if already run)
  • Right click on “Results” -> “create “field report” -> “data table” and choose Polyline1. Choose the quantity you want to save (Brad, Btan) within the data table. A new report is created at the bottom of the list. You can right click on it and export as a *.csv, which is a very convenient format to import in Manatee. The rows give the curvilinear abscissa along the airgap and the columns give the time.