Harmonic Current Injection


Manatee e-NVH solutions include Harmonic Current Injection (HCI) environment designed to quickly mitigate magnetic noise and vibration produced by electric machines through optimal harmonic current injection. This environment automatically creates an optimization problem of current harmonics parameters (amplitude and phase, in DQ frame for synchronous machines) on the noisiest operating point of reference simulation to reduce noise and vibrations while maintaining an acceptable level of efficiency.

Specific design variables and response variables are automatically defined depending on the machine and reference results, and can be modified if necessary.


The Harmonic Current Injection environment is designed to help Electrical Engineers optimize the control of the electrical machine with respect to efficiency and e-NVH. As example, it helps finding the optimal amplitude and phase of current and voltage harmonics along DQ-axes at six times the electrical frequency to damp NVH levels at 6fe induced by torque ripple or radial ripple.