Force export


Magnetic forces computed by Manatee e-NVH software can be exported in the frequency domain in .json format. A list of desired operating points can be selected, and the maximum frequency can be tuned to get reasonable output file size.

A special export format is also available to provide magnetic forces to Romax drivetrain design software. This export is done in the time/space domain as a .json format compatible with Romax force import feature. In that case, the projection of magnetic forces on the mechanical mesh is no longer handled inside Manatee but inside Romax.


The export of Manatee forces allows electrical engineers to use Manatee user-friendly interface to compute the electromagnetic excitations, and to then send the output data to the NVH engineers to pursue NVH studies within third party software. For example, magnetic forces could be exported to calculate structure-borne noise at vehicle level in Abaqus, or to iterate on the acoustic packaging in Wave6.