Finite elements structural models


Manatee e-NVH collaborative platform can perform calculations on a 3D FEA mechanical model of the electrical system, which may include rotor & stator, housing & gearbox, driveline and bearings, etc… This detailed modeling allows to include more realistic modes (e.g. rotor/housing coupling mode, rotor bending modes) compared to the quick analytic structural model or the Beam Element Model. Its use is highly recommended when introducing tolerances and faults during e-NVH calculations.
Manatee can import a modal basis coming from a third party 3D FEA mechanical software (e.g. Ansys Mechanical, Altair Optistruct…). During the import, Manatee performs unique pre-processing which allows to greatly reduce e-NVH computation time. The imported modal basis in Manatee format can then be reused in variable speed simulation or parameter sweep (as long as magnetic circuit modification do not change the modal basis) using the Electromagnetic Vibration Synthesis algorithm.


The import of a 3D mechanical FEA modal basis can be carried by mechanical engineers. The resulting modal basis in Manatee format can then used by electrical engineers when iterating on the electromagnetic model, or by NVH engineers when checking e-NVH requirements at variable speed.