Finite elements magnetic models


Manatee includes a coupling with the open-source solver FEMM, besides the airgap flux import feature. Automated sliding band, symmetries and parallelization allows reducing computing time of this non linear magnetostatic FEA.
All magnetic models include proprietary algorithms to speed-up the magnetic FEA simulations, which rely on Magnetic Look Up Tables (MLUT) combined with extrapolation/interpolation techniques.
FEA-based MLUT can be used in current-driven or voltage-driven simulation workflows to accurately capture the interactions between magnetic forces and structural modes, complementary to fast magnetic models which can be used in early design phase.


These accurate magnetic models can be used by electrical engineers or electromagnetic design engineers when iterating on the magnetic circuit geometry of the electric machine. Once magnetic forces have been characterized at different operating points inside a Magnetic Look Up Tables (MLUT), this MLUT can be loaded by mechanical engineers or NVH engineers to perform variable speed e-NVH calculations. When iterating on the structural design, this MLUT can be reused which accelerates mechanical design iterations with respect to magnetic noise and vibration levels.