Fast semi-analytical acoustic models


Manatee e-NVH software includes fast semi-analytical models of the acoustic radiation of electric machines to be used in different design phases.

In early design phase, when no detailed CAD model is available, some semi-analytic radiation factor models of the external structure (stator or rotor) are proposed, based on Equivalent cylinder shell models. In detailed design phase, when Manatee uses a comple 3D FEA model, a fast way to evaluate the Sound Power Level is the analytic Equivalent Radiated Power (ERP) model.



Electrical engineers can use the equivalent cylindrical shell models in early design phase, to estimate Sound Power Level radiated by the main in-plane flexural modes of the lamination winding assembly (or magnet steel assembly for external rotors). Mechanical and acoustic engineers can use the Equivalent Radiated Power model to estimate the sound level due to magnetic excitations.