Fast magnetic models


Besides proprietary algorithms to speed-up standard magnetic FEA simulations, Manatee e-NVH software also includes fast hybrid electromagnetic models to be used in early design phase of electric machines. These hybrid magnetic models predicting the airgap flux distribution rely on the combination of permeance/magnetomotive force models, FEA computations, or magnetic reluctance models (e.g. to better estimate saturation effects). They can be used in current-driven or voltage-driven simulation workflows to quickly capture the main interactions between magnetic forces and structural modes, complementary to FEA magnetic models which can be used in intermediate or detailed design phase.


These fast magnetic models can be used by electrical engineers when ranking different e-machine tolopologies at conceptual design phase (e.g. comparing IPMSM to SCIM, or different slot/pole combinations). As model parameters (e.g. number of harmonics, discretization) are automatically defined by Manatee, these fast models can also be easily run by mechanical or acoustic engineers to run “what-if” scenario and get a qualitative idea of the design variables influence on magnetic forces, vibration and noise.