Fast magnetic load calculations in torque/speed plane


This feature of Manatee allows to accelerate calculations of Maxwell force harmonics over a large number of operating points (e.g. along max torque speed curve, or over full torque speed plane). The most adapted electromagnetic models are automatically chosen depending on design stage and electrical machine topology (e.g. permeance/magnetomotive force model for induction machine in early design phase). Electromagnetic models are reduced in as a so-called Magnetic Look Up Table (MLUT). The most adapted force calculation algorithm (e.g. Load Extrapolation, Load Interpolation) is also automatically chosen to speed-up calculation depending on operating points.


This feature is particularly useful for electrical engineers when comparing the variable speed vibro-acoustic behaviour of a large number of electric motor topologies during early electromagnetic design iterations.
It is also used during the detailed design phase to accelerate magnetic force calculations on whole torque/speed plane without loss of accuracy, or during skew optimization process.