Fast electrical machine set-up


Manatee enables the fast definition of the following electrical machine types:

Manatee comes with a complete set of electrical machines templates to be able to quickly define the magnetic circuit geometry. Predefined slot shapes and magnet shapes allows to perform parameter sweeps on the topology.

The winding pattern is automatically defined using star of slot method, widely used by electrical engineers. Special slot or magnet pocket geometries can be defined using slot .dxf import, magnet pocket .dxf import, uneven bore shape .dxf import and radial ventilation .dxf import features.

Several topological particularities can also be easily defined:

  • different skew patterns are available (linear, V-shape, zig-zag or user-defined)
  • uneven pole distribution can be taken into account (e.g. different North and South poles) for SPMSM and IPMSM
  • different sets of ventilation ducts, notches and keys (additional magnetic materials in the airgap) can be added to the stator and/or the rotor bores, either in a parametrized shape or using .dxf import

    Manatee also comes with a series of electrical machines that have been already defined and used for validation purposes (e.g. Toyota Prius, Audi e-Tron). Manatee is compatible with Pyleecan open-source software, so any electrical machine that has been defined in Pyleecan can be imported in Manatee.


    Manatee software enables a fast electrical machine magnetic circuit set-up by both electrical engineers and mechanical/NVH engineers based on a limited number of input parameters. Electrical machine files are saved as .json files to be easily shared, read and versioned among engineers to ease the collaboration.