e-NVH support

An exclusive “e-NVH support” can be provided with Manatee software solutions as a package of engineering hours.

e-NVH support as consulting

  • Simulation advicesĀ 
  • Result interpretation
  • Test & simulation fitting
  • Problem solving

e-NVH support as training

  • Training on Manatee software
  • Training on a particular topic (e.g. effect of uneven airgap on magnetic forces)

e-NVH support as scripting

  • Accelerated release of some
    specific features
  • Customized developments

In each case, EOMYS estimates the number of development hours that are necessary and communicates to the customer this fixed-rate development service. Once the functionality is validated by the customer, the number of hours is deduced from its current e-NVH support package.