Spatiogram (Load Case contribution)


Spatiograms is a unique visualization tool of Manatee software which gives variable speed vibration and noise results (spectrograms) per electromagnetic Load Case. This is one of Manatee software tools to quickly understand the nature of electromagnetic excitations responsible for acoustic noise issues.

Electromagnetic Vibration Synthesis algorithm naturally allows to split the vibro-acoustic contribution of each Load Case. A load case is defined by a magnetic force wavenumber (e.g. r=0 for a pulsating force along the airgap), a direction of application (e.g. radial), and a set of nodes of application (e.g. stator tooth tip nodes). Torque ripple observed by the stator or Unbalanced magnetic pull observed by the rotor are two examples of load cases.


The split of Load Case and structural mode contributions to the overall noise level allows both electrical engineers and mechanical engineers to quickly
understand the problem and implement noise mitigation techniques. Contrary to general purpose FEA software, Manatee results come with powerful post processing to speed up result interpretations.