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How to compare Manatee e-NVH results with a third party numerical simulation software?

Introduction Manatee e-NVH CAE collaborative platform is complementary to general purpose multiphysic software suites. Due to its specialized algorithms, Manatee is much faster for pre-processing (multiphysic simulation workflow setup), running (solving of the multiphysic numerical problem at variable operating points) and post-processing (assessment of variable… Read More »How to compare Manatee e-NVH results with a third party numerical simulation software?

Order Tracking Analysis

Description Manatee e-NVH software provides a wide range of post-processing at the end of the simulation to analyse the electromagnetic & vibro-acoustic behaviour of your electrical machine. The Order Tracking analysis enables to visualize the contribution of each excitation frequency to vibration and noise levels… Read More »Order Tracking Analysis

Manatee webinars

Webinar April 2023, 20 Manatee 2.2.4 e-NVH CAE collaborative platform: latest features demo & live tutorials In February 2023, Eomys implemented a major new release of Manatee software: V2.2.4. This version integrates completely new tools for e-NVH analysis & mitigation. Since its first version and… Read More »Manatee webinars

Additional Current Harmonics

Description Manatee e-NVH software allows to add user-defined current harmonics to a current-driven simulation at a single Operating Point. These harmonics can be defined in DQH or ABC reference frames, by giving the amplitude and the phase. It is possible to preview the final current… Read More »Additional Current Harmonics

Multi-objective Optimization

Description Manatee e-NVH software comes with a multi-objective optimization environment of e-machine magnetic circuit design variables. Default solver is NSGA-II genetic algorithm. Design variables include geometrical parameters from magnetic circuit templates (such as slot shape, notch shape, magnet pocket shape, skew rate), as well as… Read More »Multi-objective Optimization

Harmonic Current Injection

Description Manatee e-NVH solutions include Harmonic Current Injection (HCI) environment designed to quickly mitigate magnetic noise and vibration produced by electric machines through optimal harmonic current injection. This environment automatically creates an optimization problem of current harmonics parameters (amplitude and phase, in DQ frame for… Read More »Harmonic Current Injection

Parallelization settings

Manatee licenses include parallelization All Manatee licenses include parallelization to speed-up computations. The parallelization is by default limited to 4 workers (for example, 4 instances of the FEA magnetic solver running at same time). Manatee also automatically detects the maximum number of workers available on… Read More »Parallelization settings

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Δ First Name Last Name Email Company Position License type – Select –Single ComputerFloating LicenseFloating License ServerOn-demand Single Computer LicenseOn-demand Floating LicenseDuration – Select –6 months1 yearPerpetualOtherDuration – Select –1 month2 months3 months4 months5 months6 monthsNumber of activations Send Please refer to our policy regarding… Read More »Request Quote

Request Trial License

Manatee V2 free trial license Starting from 2023, EOMYS offers some free trial licenses of Manatee software which allow to evaluate the level of magnetic noise and vibrations on a user-defined electrical machine at variable speed, without any limitations on the simulation workflows adapted to… Read More »Request Trial License



Manatee Webinars 4 Videos Manatee V2.2.4, 20th April 2023 Manatee V2.1.10, 3rd Nov 2021 Manatee V2.1, 8th July 2021 Manatee V2.0, 15th April 2021 Manatee V2.2.4 webinar, 20th April 2023 V2.2.4 replay On April 20th, EOMYS proposed a webinar introducing the latest features of Manatee… Read More »Webinars