Can Manatee calculate magnetostriction effects?

In theory, acoustic noise and vibrations due to electromagnetic forces in electrical machines involve two sources of magnetics forces: Maxwell forces, mainly concentrated at the interface between iron and air, and magnetostrictive forces, occuring in the lamination material itself.

Manatee V2 software only accounts for Maxwell forces – based on EOMYS experience, Maxwell forces represent the most significant source of electromagnetic vibration in radial flux rotating machines.

EOMYS has analyzed and solved NVH issues due to magnetic forces on more than 150 machines, from W to MW range, from 10 to 150 000 rpm, including induction and synchronous machines, and the root cause of noise and vibrations was always some harmonics of Maxwell tensor.

In case you would like to quantify the contributions of Maxwell stress and magnetostriction in your specific application, it is possible as a consulting project.