Bug report

Although our validation tests are run everyday, it is impossible to test every single combination of Manatee input parameters in terms of simulation workflow and electrical machine topology. Therefore, you may encounter some errors when running your own simulation.

To report efficiently a bug, please use the “Help>Support>Report a bug” interface in Manatee GUI. This interface allows you to automatically send us all the relevant information to solve efficiently your bug.

In case you want to directly report a missing feature or describe a special problem by mail, you can write us as manatee(at)eomyscom. In your email please provide the following informations:
  • Windows version
  • Manatee version
  • Error messages / screenshot from the GUI console
  • Manatee main log (Go to %APPDATA%/Manatee/Manatee.log)
  • In your project / simulation folder, you will find the following files.


  • All the .json files correspond to your simulation/machine/material. They are required to reproduce the bug on our side.
  • In your project / simulation folder, each subfolder correspond to a run of your simulation with the following files (for instance):


  • The .log file contains the details about what happened during the simulation

If your machine or material are confidential, you can provide us with the name of a equivalent validation machine (or material) or the main topology information (machine type, Zs/Zr/p, slot type,…).