Airgap flux import


When electromagnetic calculations have already been performed in a third-party electromagnetic software, this feature of Manatee software allows to perform Maxwell force calculation from the sole import of airgap flux density distribution along time and angular position in the airgap. A Magnetic Look Up Table is automatically built, supporting variable speed flux import as well as skewing.

Eccentricity can be applied even when importing the flux from a machine without eccentricity when using Manatee uneven airgap perturbation model.

Flux density can be imported at a very few operating points, magnetic forces are then automatically extrapolated or interpolated at variable speed using the MLUT algorithm.

Interpolation of flux at variable speed using Manatee software


This import feature can be used by electrical engineers to avoid running again electromagnetic calculations coming from third party software such as Ansys Maxell, Altair Flux, Jmag…

This import feature can also be used in detailed design phase to include some strong magnetic to electrical circuit coupling effects which are not included in Manatee electromagnetic calculations.


For more information on how to import a air gap flux density from a third party software, you can have a look at these guidelines: Flux_import_procedure.pdf