Additional current harmonics


Manatee e-NVH software allows to add user-defined current harmonics to a current-driven simulation at a single Operating Point. These harmonics can be defined in DQH or ABC reference frames, by giving the amplitude and the phase. It is possible to preview the final current waveform as a function of time or frequency. Parameter sweep on the amplitude or the phase of a harmonic are available as well.

Please note that in Manatee a current waveform is defined as:

(1)   \begin{equation*}I = A\cos\left(\omega t + \phi\right) [A]\end{equation*}


Additional current harmonics can be introduced by Electrical Engineers to either simulate the response of their electrical machine to a non sinusoidal input (e.g. introduction of back electromotive force harmonics or converter harmonics into the currents), or to manually study the impact of Harmonic Current Injection on magnetic noise and vibration of the system.